The journey into journaling

Hello my dears, How are you? I trust you are well and having a good day. Today I would like to go straight to the point and talk about journaling. I have been writing, mostly journaling, since I was 6, giving me solid 30 years of experience -oh my, how time flies! Also, from an academic and professional perspective, I've studied Journalism and Cinema and I have worked as a writer for Advertising, brands, magazines and newspapers for over 12 years now. Last but not least, I absolutely love to write and I do it on a daily basis, sometimes more, others less, like all practises. And if these are not enough reasons to keep reading, that is ok too.

Last week I wrote about my intention of starting a series of videos. To be fully honest, that does not come easy to me, as I like beautifully crafted things, and my videos tend to be a bit clumsy. So I've decided to have another approach, more of a beginner's, and start with I know how to do best: writing about writing. So there you are, the answers to last week's questions below on JOURNALING:

1. How do I start? Buy yourself a nice notepad and a pen or pencil you fancy. Choose the size (A5, A4), the shape ( plane, ruled, dotted) and even the colour of the pen, black, blue, whichever colour you fancy. When it comes t motivation, all details matter -think of buying new running gear or fancy Yoga leggings. Then start to write the date and whatever comes to your mind.

2. When do I write? Again, all practices are very personal, but my advice is to allocate a specific time of your day to do it. I mean really putting the time in your diary. Try mornings, lunchtime, evening, before bedtime, perhaps whilst having coffee. Test, experiment, sense it day by day, week by week, at least in the beginning. Then stick to it.

3. What do I write about?

Start with something simple. A burning question you have in your mind, how you want your day to look like, a gratitude list, a dream you want to manifest, something that has been there, at the back of your ming for a while. Personally, I meditate first thing in the morning, with my strong back coffee. I try to tap into myself, to scan my body, to sense how is the energy and where do I want to put it that day. Then I write it down. Start simple, go easy. And give time for it to unfold.

4. How do you keep going?

Like with all practises, the tricky bit is when motivation fades, after a few days. Now that you know it will happen, be prepared. Perhaps you take a break, try a different time, write just one word, one line, one thought. Try to be kind to yourself by acknowledging all days are different. One day you are full of energy and ideas, the other sadness or frustration sucks in and all seam a bit gloomy. Both are normal, both are okay. Just remember to keep going, word by word.

5. What am I supposed to get from it?

Journaling is an extraordinary tool for self-development, exploring creativity and getting to know human nature. By writing down your thoughts, ideas and emotions, you slowly start to get to know yourself better. Your likes and dislikes, patterns, moods, even the good days for doing this or not seeing that one. Again, take what you need from it. Allow yourself to receive that.

Excited to get a new notepad? Well, I am.

In the meantime, stay tuned on our Social Media. And have a lovely rest of the week.



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