Dequaranting and why small steps matter

I am back writing on this blog after a long hiatus. It is not that I've stopped writing or investing on Pause and Flow all together. Actually, I haven't written this much in my whole life, mostly exploring a freer form in style and shape -also in Portuguese, expressing my emotions, jotting down my behavioural and relationship patterns and developing small narratives around stories I've lived in the past. Naturally, this dedication made me shift a bit from my Yoga practise, at least the more physical expression of it.

When we decide to focus on something, something else stays behind. In my case was an up to date content on this blog and Pause and Flow's Social Media, where I used to be much more active. Last but not least, I've felt overwhelmed by 3/4 months of deep quarantine in Portugal, where my daily rituals and self-care practises became my daily routines and, if I am truly honest, I kind of stopped enjoying them as much. The good news is that I am back, and I want to share what I've learnt during this journey with you.

My biggest learning during the past few months was that SMALL STEPS MATTER.

They really do. In a goal-driven society, it is very easy to be seduced my short-term miraculous solutions, unreal step-by-step guides to happiness or life-long quick fixes. The truth is, unless we do the work, it is very unlikely that something changes, ever. So we need to start small and slowly built up, till we reach or we aim to achieve. Let's break this down then.

One of the reasons, self-care rituals tend to fail, even when we start by being super excited about them, is because we tend to set ourselves unachievable goals, or get frustrated by fall-backs, bad days or different outcomes than those we've proposed to ourselves. To support you in these challenging times of coming out of quarantine, I am starting a series of 5-minutes videos, where I will teach you simple practises that will help you to increase your general wellbeing and, above all, that you can easily apply in your day to day.

I am starting this week with the first video on the importance of keeping a journal next to you and your bed. There, in a beautiful notepad, carefully chosen to your taste - mine is this one, you will write down your thoughts, emotions, dreams, fears, whatever is looping in your mind.

I will be answering some of these questions:

1. How do you start?

2. When do you write?

3. What do you write about?

4. How do you keep going?

5. What are you supposed to get with it?

Excited? Well, I am. In the meantime, stay tuned on Social Media and perhaps it's time to subscribe my newsletter, in case you haven't done in the past.

Now have a lovely week.

All the good vibes,


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