Vulnerability as super power

Olá xuxus,

How are you? I hope you are having a good week, and that life is treating you well. How are your energy levels this week? Have you been sleeping well? Have you been eating nutritional dense foods? Watering your plants? Telling your loved ones how much you love them? Have you kissing, hugging, flirting and spreading the good vibes? What about doing that life-saving self-care stuff? Journaling? Meditating? Stretching? Walking the dog? Moisturising your skin? Re-using cute things? I really hope you are, and I mean it. Today I have a message of ABUNDANCE for you.

I wish all ONLY the very best. I wish you have a beautiful house you feel comfortable at. I wish you have someone you can kiss good night. I wish your income pays for your bills - and for your holidays. I wish you can actually take dreamy holidays, you can eat delicious foods, wear beautiful clothes. I wish you are healthy, safe, supported. I wish you only the very very best of life. Whoever you are. Even if you are not getting as much karma points as you should. I truly hope GOODNESS AND ABUNDANCE come your way, gracefully.

The truth is, abundance only comes your way if you allow it to come in. If you are available. If you open your heart. If you give.

Only then, you're read to receive. Are you ready to receive so many good things, yogis? If so, try out one of our NEW classes at Nomad Goods and The OM Room by Eden.

Que não vos falte nadinha, yogis, nadinha.

Write me to to get full details plus these love letters weekly.

All the good vibes,



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