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Hello my dears,

How are you? I hope you are having a good week, and that life is treating you well - any complains on the weather this time? Good, I though so. In case you have, I can give you my London friends’ contacts so you can have a chat with them.

Today I am actually writing you from London today, more precisely from Stansted. I am at the airport, waiting for my flight to Lisbon to board. This feels a bit like a deja vu that has never happened, has I was supposed to have flown back 'home' yesterday.

So it happened, you've red it well. I've lost my flight. This was a first to me - ok, it has happened in Africa once, from Johannesburg to Maputo, but I was not alone and we were put on the next flight, free of charge, so I guess it does not really count.

This was a bit of a shock to me, as I am well traveled, specially in this route - my poor maths sais I've done it over 25 times in the last 6 years. Actually, I've done it so many times that even when it takes longer to arrive where I am supposed to go, I still do it this way: Standsted - Shoreditch - whatever I am going in London.

Not yesterday. I've tried to take an early bus which I was not allowed to get in - you RUDE driver. I eventually took the next one (kindly helped by a lovely stranger who was so in love with his gf he just wanted to give back to the world), meaning I could still make it on time, comfortably. But then, off course, life happened. There was a car crash on M11 and it took me more than 2h30 to get to Stansted Airport. And that was not comfortable anymore.

As you may imagine, all sorts of things went through my head whilst I was stuck in the traffic, including how could I sort out this bloody situation I saw myself in, baring in mind the wi-fi was not working and that I didn’t have credit to call UK numbers. Off course again. Luckily, I meditate and journal daily, and it may not give me super-powers but it surely helps me to keep coming back to myself again, and again, and again.

Anyway, and long story short,

Next time you find yourself losing it, pause.

Take a loooooong deep breathe in.

And then out.

Get back to yourself.

Look around you in search of goodness.

Breathe in again.

And out.

Ask for help.

With a smile.

Speak calmly.

[ Cry hardly ]

Ask the universe for help, with your best intentions.

Do what you can.

Respect timings.

Respect your timings.

Be patient.

And let life unfold exactly as it should be.

Eventually I've called a friend and asked her for help. Actually, I've sent out a few SMSs and I was lucky enough to have responses to all of them, even when negative. Being acknowledged is a big way through a problem. Knowing you’re not alone, goes the other half. So I’ve chatted with my friend and I’ve decided to take the risk of buying a new flight, with the help of a super women - thanks, xuxu. And the go back home, sleeping in the comfiest bed - thanks, baby.

Anyway, now over to amazing NEW classes in NEW places and CLASSIC events in CLASSIC places - or whatever.

Write me to yogacomasara@gmail.com to get full details plus these love letters weekly.

All the good vibes,



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