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The hardest bit of selling yourself is selling yourself.

Let me try. I am an experienced and well-rounded creative strategist, writer and meditation guide. My main focus are people, brands and projects that want to positively impact the planet, starting locally and sustainably. I am media agnostic, open to learning, and my top skill is to turn complexity into simple language that resonates with the audience you want to connect to.

I love to solve problems intuitively. I look at it, map it out but also take some time out for the creative process to develop organically. I go for big walks, listen to music, read books, chat with the elders, read, pick flowers. And then magic happens.


Content Creation  Copywriting     Brand Consultancy   Brand voice
Social Media 
  Creative Ideation    Workshops    Yoga & Meditation

Work Experience

2016 - present

Freelance Writer & Creative Strategist

I help brands to find their purpose and communicate it to the world and creative people to have the confidence they need to tell their story to their world. My thinking is media, model and cliché independent. I focus on the challenges to be solved, from naming to positioning, long copy to writing content for Social Media, rebranding to creating a brand from scratch. Most recently I have been having fun writing chronicles for Público, and blogs for Lisbon Cooking Academy, a local cooking school based in Lisbon.

2016 - 2022


Pause and Flow

Creation and development -aka everything, of a Wellbeing brand.

Naming, development of creative assets, website creation, content Strategy for Social Media (FB and IG), newsletter, events managing, collaborations and partnerships with local, sustainable businesses aligned with the principle of 'wellbeing for real beings'. All our events, workshops and talks were tailor-made. No cookie-cut solutions. 


From Jr Copywriter to Sr Creative Strategist

Creative agencies

I've worked nearly 10 years in Creative Agencies across the globe, from Portugal to Africa to London, back to Lisbon where I am originally from. I've started as a grad, then a junior copywriter, then a creative strategist, then writer, then a senior strategist -you can see a pattern here. The purpose was always the same: to deliver seamless work for my clients and eventually provoke something. Or someone.

I like to think I can listen to a 100K followers' influencer on Instagram but also the lady from my local fruit shop. I've worked in different categories, mostly FMCG, fashion and telecommunications: Blood, BD and Geometry London; DDB  Mozambique; BBDO Portugal were some of my offices. 



Hyper Island

Digital Marketing 


Universidad Carlos III, Madrid

Erasmus in Journalism and Audiovisual Communications


University Nova of Lisboa

Master in Strategic Communications


I like to consider myself an eclectic person (lol), inspired both by nature and the city. I love magazines and books and writing from beautiful cafes, where I can have delicious coffee and food to fuel my body and soul. People watching, going to local markets, walking my dog, practising yoga, meditating and dancing are my fuel. Having a glass of wine with friends -or solo, and all pre-pandemic bohemian life, including travelling, makes me happy. That and my grandma. I don't love wearing a mask, but I use it because of her. Please do the same.

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